AdWord advertisment-BitcoinZ

AdWord advertisment-BitcoinZ

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August 27, 2019 by admin
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AdWord advertisment (google advertise)


BitcoinZ is great coin, but many people don’t know this coin well, or they have not even heard about it. The problem is that other coins are well advertised and promoted on many different crypto sites.

Mission Statement or Vision of the BitcoinZ Team

How BitcoinZ will get more exposure and more people interested in our Community.

After a certain point, advertisement won’t be needed so much. Because, as the BitcoinZ Community grows, the coin will be <<automatically>> advertised. However, till then the BitcoinZ Team must consider at least some minimum advertisement.

Objectives to be achieved by BitcoinZ Team

They should put VaultZ+Hydra to »work« and start using some funds for advertisement.

Preferred approach

• Best advertisements are :

• Facebook advertisement

• AdWords (Google advertisement)

• Posts on websites, or mails to subscribers on some crypto sites.

• Social media sharing (but still I think there are too many bots so this way we cannot achieve a decent amount of really organic views)

• Any other advertisements (Stickers, calendars, flyers, actual btcz coins……)

Benefits statement

With advertisement, the BitcoinZ will gain bigger community, so the daily volume will increase, and also price of BTCZ will increase.

Performance and progress measures


Currently, the BITCOINZ Team is using AdWords to advertise the website ( for 5€ a day, for that they get approximately 15.000 impressions (views of AD) and around 400 views for the website.

When ads were lunched, traffic on site also increased:


Everything depends on how ad is set up. I advertised a lot my games for smartphones, so first you need to get optimal words and locations and everything. You see when I started I used 20 € a day and it was way worse:

Only 650 impressions and 25 clicks.

Risks and ways to address them

In the beginning there is risk that ad gets refused by Google, but using right words around and images the ad will be approved.

Facebook’s advertisement is harder, they don’t want competition for their Libra thing (is that a crypto coin?? :] )

The BitcoinZ team has got good contact from where they tested and paid 150$ for mail recap advertisement.

Usually people subscribed to mailing lists of crypto sites are more likely to check Ads regarding Coins. In my opinion 

A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)

The BitcoinZ Team can run Ads on Google AdWords for a month for example or couple of months. Since Platform needs Bank account and money on it. Or if someone else would like to take care of it no problem. The BitcoinZ Team can give all data to someone else so that campaign can start easily.

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