Bithereum Bounty Distribution

Bithereum Bounty Distribution

September 9, 2019 by admin
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BTH Bounty Distribution has been completed!

*IMPORTANT*: Please scroll down to see the tutorial for BTH private key conversion. It is mandatory to convert your key in order to be able to see your balance. This can be done here (!/key-converter), details are below.

We are happy to announce that bounty distribution has been completed as of May 6th, 2019! We were able to successfully distribute a total of 20,000 BTH to more than 5000 bounty participants over the course of the last 2 weeks.

Balances as well as payouts that have been sent can be seen here: All rows have been paid out.

For anyone who has now received the payouts, we certainly hope you guys stick around; you have all been with us for the past half a year now so why not run a full node and earn some more BTH? You can check out all the details about Proof-of-Uptime here,, and start earning BTH with as little as 8 GB of free disk space.

We have many big things in store and have major plans for this blockchain so let’s work together to take Bithereum to the moon!


Everyone who receives their reward will need to convert their BTH private keys into an ‘Uncompressed WIF format’. We have released a Private Key Converter to convert the keys, and this tool is also available to use offline for those who wish.!/key-converter (offline)

The private key that you have from the BTH website is an uncompressed version, so if you import that into Guarda/Electrum it will be a different address than what we will send it to. Once you convert to the new WIF Uncompressed private key, you will be able to import that into a BTH wallet (Guarda, electrum etc.) and see your bounty balance. You can find the list of BTH wallets here,!/resources (only Guarda, Electrum, or the full node wallet allow importing).

Note: This is ONLY for those who are using a BTH private key generated from the website before the launch. If you already have a BTH address that was created after Bithereum’s January launch, you won’t need to do anything else.

If anyone has further questions, feel free to pm us. We have included screenshots for how to go about this process, below.

  • zelcashZelCash (ZEL) $ 0.043540 1.83%
  • snowgemSnowGem (XSG) $ 0.058633 4.4%
  • ycashYcash (YEC) $ 0.139039 1.82%
  • bitcoinzBitcoinZ (BTCZ) $ 0.000102 0.52%
  • bitcoin-privateBitcoin Private (BTCP) $ 0.113972 1.5%
  • hushHush (HUSH) $ 0.050231 13.85%
  • bithereumBithereum (BTH) $ 0.003730 0%