Bithereum Testnet v1

Bithereum Testnet v1

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September 9, 2019 by admin
bithereum testnet v1

By Bithereum team-We are ecstatic to announce the launch of the first version of Bithereum’s testnet! Bithereum will always aim to be as transparent as possible to the community as we wish for everyone who is even the slightest bit interested in crypto, to be involved. Regardless of whether you are a dev (professionally or as a hobby) or if you are a miner (solo miner or run a large-scale mining pool), ALL are invited to join the Bithereum Testnet.

We have provided all resources necessary for developers and miners to experiment and play around with Bithereum prior to it being on mainnet in order to find issues, spread awareness, and get accustomed to the Bithereum blockchain.

Getting started with testnet:

  • Testnet explorer — View and monitor the status of the testnet blockchain:
  • Mining Software (for miners) — In order to mine TBTH you can download the following software:

For AMD:

For NVIDIA (Lolminer will work, however these miners are optimal):


For those interested in contributing to Bithereum’s development, you can submit a pull request or report any issues/bugs to the official Bithereum Network github:

If you come across any bugs or issues, please report them as an issue on github and enter in the following information to the issue. If the issue proves to be legitimate, the issuer will be rewarded BTH based on the severity of the issue. The issuer just needs to list whether the severity is low, medium, or high, and if the Bithereum team deems this to be accurate, the issuer will be rewarded accordingly.

Rewards based on Severity:

Low- 5 BTH

Medium- 10 BTH

High- 25 BTH

Info to enter with github issue: List of steps to reproduce vulnerability, Severity (low, medium, high), expected behavior, actual behavior, screenshots, machine specs, and any additional helpful information.


If you are a miner and are interested in Bithereum, check out our blog post about Bithereum’s massive difficulty reduction period to kick off mainnet and how you can get involved from the start:BTH Mining Difficulty Reduction WindowIn an effort to build our mining community and secure the network, we will be including a massive difficulty reduction…

Mainnet Updates

The official mainnet launch for Bithereum is slated for sometime between late December/early January; exactly two weeks prior to our planned fork is when the hard spoon snapshot for the ETH allocation will be taken. The reason for the hard spoon snapshot is to lock in the ETH allocation in accordance to the ETH:BTC ratio at the time to determine BTH’s total supply. As a reminder, Bithereum’s total supply includes the BTC supply from the fork, the mineable supply, the project’s premine, and lastly the total supply of BTH which ETH holders are entitled to redeem upon launch based on the ETH:BTC ratio at the time.

Moments after the hard spoon snapshot is taken, the mainnet source code will be pushed to our public GitHub repository. This code will include the total supply of BTH as explained above and will also have the exact block number that Bithereum’s mainnet launch will occur at. This block number will be timed to be approximately two weeks after the date of the hard spoon snapshot, for which we will be making an annoucement for when the time comes.

Note: The build that is currently on github is the pre-release; it will not work for running Bithereum on mainnet!!

Check out this blog for more info:

Testnet Parameters

Block reward: 25 BTH (2x the BTC reward)

Total Supply: ~32 million coins

Mineable Supply: ~7.3 million coins

Block Size: 4MB plus SegWit

Avg Block Time: ~10 mins

Algorithm: Equihash <144,5>

DAA: LWMA (after every block)


Every resource and repository we have provided is completely open-source, as we believe this is of paramount importance to the overarching theme of decentralization in blockchain. Having everything open-source also increases the contributions from developers outside the Bithereum team and keeps our developer base constantly growing.

Aside from testnet, we are making tremendous strides towards mainnet and are fully on our way to a December launch! In the meantime, if you are looking for additional material about Bithereum please check out our Medium page (, we have a handful of blogs about BTH and will continue to add more content for our community.

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