ETH Holders: How to redeem your BTH using MetaMask

ETH Holders: How to redeem your BTH using MetaMask

September 16, 2019 by admin
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How to redeem your BTH using MetaMask ?

Since Ethereum and Bitcoin interact with transactions on entirely different blockchain implementations and with completely dissimilar address spaces; Bithereum has introduced a mechanism that will give you the ability to redeem BTH proportional to the amount of ETH you have, 38 ETH: 1 BTH.

To redeem BTH as an ETH holder, you must first send a 0 (zero) ETH transaction along with the your newly created BTH address (as a hex string in the data field) to the ETH redemption smart contract.

The ETH redemption smart contract pairs your ETH address to your BTH address and is referenced by the Bithereum oracle after the fork. The Bithereum oracle triggers the issuance of BTH from the ETH holder BTH allocation generated from the Bithereum genesis block.

Without further ado, here are the steps for redeeming BTH using MetaMask.

Step 1: Open MetaMask

Log into the MetaMask Chrome Extension and choose the send option.

Step 2: Add the hex version of your BTH address to your transaction

Note: If you don’t have a hex version of your BTH address or have not created a BTH address, go here before proceeding with this step:

Paste the HEX output BTH address you generated earlier into the field under “Transaction Data (Optional)”.

Step 3: Provide redemption contract address

Next, input the following Bithereum redemption contract address into the “To Address” field:


Enter 0.0 ETH into the “amount” field, then click “Next”.

Step 4: Generate and send your 0 ETH transaction

Confirm that everything was entered in accurately, and proceed with the transaction by clicking “Submit”.

Step 5: Confirm redemption

You can now verify that your redemption process was successful by looking for your successful transaction directly on the BTH Redemption smart contract using Etherscan.

Congratulations, you have successfully redeemed your BTH! Next you can refer back to the Redemption Guide to import your BTH address into Guarda Wallet.

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