How to Generate a Bithereum Wallet Address

How to Generate a Bithereum Wallet Address

September 10, 2019 by admin
bithereum wallet address

How to Generate BTH Wallet Address ?

There are two ways to create a Bithereum wallet address: create one using the ETH redemption steps located on the official website or install the local wallet address generator on your own machine.

With so many wallet generating sites being compromised, there is really no safer place to create a crypto wallet address than the safety of your own machine while being offline.

The following tutorial will walk you through how to setup the Bithereum wallet generator to create your new BTH address.

Step 1: Download the BTH Wallet Generator

Navigate to the WalletGenerator repository on the Bithereum Github and clone the repository to your computer.

$ git clone
$ cd WalletGenerator

Step 2: Install Node.js

The wallet runs as a local server using Node.js, therefore you will need to have NPM (Node Package Manager) and Node.js installed before you can run the wallet generator.


Node Package Manager

Step 3: Initialize Modules

Using NPM, install the node dependencies within the package.json by running the following command.

$ npm install

Step 4: Start the Wallet Address Generator

Once you have installed the node modules, you can run the wallet address generator using the following command.

$ node server.js

You should see SERVER STARTED, if the command ran successfully. Now open up a web browser and navigate to localhost:8000 to view the generator.


Step 5: Generate a Bithereum Address

Now that you have successfully run the wallet address server you can create a bithereum address by clicking on “Generate Address”. The wallet generating script uses a variety of parameters to achieve a high degree of entropy as an alternative to mouse movement like in most wallet address generators.

Remember: NEVER share your private key with anyone. The screenshots above only serve to demonstrate the output after clicking Generate Address.

With your new address created, you are now ready to proceed with the next steps to redeem BTH.

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