HUSH Wallet Transfer -From old wallet to new wallet ?

HUSH Wallet Transfer -From old wallet to new wallet ?

September 5, 2019 by admin
hush wallet transfer

How can we transfer hush coins in existing desktop hush wallet 0.71.3 (beta) to new desktop hush wallet (hushmate 1.0.1) ?

Download the new hushmate wallet and let it sync. If you have done this previously and have issues trying to recover your old coins you may need to delete the Hush3 folder form your computer which is normal found in win10 “C:UsersyouraccountnameAppDataRoamingKomodoHUSH3 You may also need to delete the folder found in C:UsersyouraccountnameAppDataLocalHUSHmate

Please note if you are doing this from scratch on a different machine/fresh build/you did not try to do download and install hushmate and copy the wallet.dat file form old hush to new hush you will more than likely not need to do this

In your web browser go to which is the web wallet Click the gear Icon and select paste private key “DO NOT POST YOUR PRIVATE KEY ANYWHERE publicly such as this forum or chat!!!” Open up your old Hush swing wallet “Hush wallet UI” Click own addresses “you should see your coins and your addresses there” Click on the address that has the coins you want to move to the new hush mate wallet Click the wallet menu up the top next to the main menu Select show private key – This will copy the private key of the wallet address to the clipboard Close the popup box in the top right corner Paste your private key into the text box in the hush web wallet Click unlock private key This will bring up your hush balance and the ability to send or receive HUSH

Now that hushmate has installed and download the blockchain create a new address and send your Hush coins to the new address in Hushmate from the web wallet.

To test things are working as they should send a small amount of hush EG 0.1 form the web wallet to your new hushmate wallet address to confirm things are working as they should.

Once you have verified that your new Hushmate wallet is working correctly feel free to move your coins from the web wallet to the hushmate wallet or leave them on the web wallet if thats more your style.

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