5 reasons why you should start using Vidulum – The Modern Age Wallet

5 reasons why you should start using Vidulum – The Modern Age Wallet

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September 13, 2019 by admin
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You may have stumbled about some tweets about Vidulum lately, you maybe even read some Facebook posts or watched the latest promotion video, but are still questioning if Vidulum is secure enough or has the features you would want to see in a wallet? Well, maybe the following article will help you in your decision. We present you

1.) Multicurrency Wallet

We have been working to create relationships with many of the innovative blockchain projects in the crypto space. Our goal is to provide our users with access to as many projects and features to enhance those projects as much as we possibly can. The Vidulum platform currently supports the following assets:

  • 3dcoin
  • Anon
  • Bitcoin
  • Bithereum
  • BZedge
  • Commercium
  • Horizen
  • Litecoin
  • Komodo
  • Ravencoin
  • Ritocoin
  • Snowgem
  • Safecoin
  • Verus
  • Zero
  • Zcoin
  • Zcash
  • Zelcash
  • Zclassic

The Vidulum team is always on the lookout for new, innovative and active projects in the cryptosphere to add onto the platform, as we see the benefits of the blockchain technology as an opportunity to share ideas and work together for the greater good.

2.) Security

Your Keys – Your Crypto is a key slogan at Vidulum. Users of our platform are always in charge of their crypto-holdings. Nonetheless, if you travel the wild ride a crypto journey can bring with it, you should always back up your private keys. For each generated wallet address of every asset supported by the Vidulum platform, there is a corresponding private key.

If for any reason the Vidulum Application is experiencing downtime of any nature, these keys can be imported into almost any wallet software for the corresponding currency the key is for — and you will then have access to your funds. This is possible no matter what state the Vidulum webpage or wallet may be in.

If the Vidulum platform were subject to attack, we have written multiple in house protection services to secure user data and anyhow, there is never sufficient data stored on our servers at any given time for an attacker to compromise your wallet/private keys.

3.) V-Staking

A user of the Vidulum App is able to stake their Vidulum in the Wallet. Staking in Vidulum is a little different from the Proof of Stake protocol you might have knowledge off, as its not a blockchain protocol and therefore, no luck involved, no calculations needed in terms of “what would be the best input size”, rather a new invented system with one thing in mind: Giving people the power to earn Vidulum, without the need of a lockup.

The minimum input is 100 VDL, but there is no minimum or maximum staking time, you can withdraw whenever you want.

V-Staking Example:

User VDL Balance: 300
All VDL Balance: 25000
User Weight: 1.2%
At every staking cycle, the user will get 1.2% of the distributed Vidulum.

The V-staking feature is in the process of getting a major overhaul, which will benefit the user of the App even more.

4.) V-Dividends:

On top of V-Staking, Vidulum follows a strict “You Win-We Win” approach. The V-Fund is a 2 Million premined in the genesis block of the VDL blockchain. Everyone probably knows what a premine is and the fear, that developers would sell it over time and disappear is well acknowledged in this space. That’s why the team brought V-Dividends to life. The V-Fund will get distributed and used in cycles:

If the remaining funds after each cycle aren’t fully used on development or company expenses, the remaining VDL will get airdropped to the holders of Vidulum in the App aka our community (50%), to the founders (15%) and to the team (5%).

Community percentage will get distributed in the same fashion as V-staking, depending on the weight of your holdings to the total holdings.

5.) Active Development and Team contribution

The last part is likely the most important one. The Vidulum team has been in the cryptosphere a very long time, witnessed greatness and downfall as well and learned a lot by participating and contributing to other projects. This knowledge brought us together and Vidulum was born.

The team believes in full transparency regarding every aspect of our approach to improving the app and making it “Easy-to-use”. We commit to further development as well as will remain active participants in building in a healthy community.

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