How to mine Ycash (YEC)

How to mine Ycash (YEC)

September 6, 2019 by admin
ycash mining

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ice mining Specifications:

  • Servers in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • DPPLNS for maximum reward, and immune to pool hopping
  • 2hr payments, can be changed through custom minimum payment thresholds
  • Active development, friendly and engaging community with many experts

YEC Specifications and info:

  • Released: Forked from Zcash at block 570,000 on July 18th
  • Algorithm: Equihash Heavy 192,7
  • Block time: 150 seconds
  • Block reward: 12.5
  • Block maturity: 100 blocks
  • Total supply: 21,000,000 max
  • 100% Private transactions are possible, with view keys available to share transaction information.
  • Ycash uses different address formats than Zcash, making it impossible to accidentally send Zcash to a Ycash address (or Ycash to a Zcash address). Transparent addresses start with “s1” instead of “t1”. Multisig addresses start with “s3” instead of “t3”. Shielded sprout addresses start with “yc” instead of “zc”. Shield sapling addresses start with “ys” instead of “zs”.

To mine YEC, you’ll need:

  • A mining rig, or a contract with MiningRigRentals
  • A wallet to store and manage your funds
  • Mining software that is compatible with the Equihash Heavy(192,7) algorithm ZcashPoW Personality

YEC Storage and Management:

yec wallet
YEC wallet

Click on the “Receive” tab after the YecWallet loads. The private address shown will be the address you will mine to. If you wish to create another address, simply return to this tab and click “New Address”.

YEC mining software:

There are currently three options for mining YEC on Nvidia, and one for AMD. After each miner and link, I will also list an example batch file with which you can begin mining.

GMiner: Nvidia only

miner.exe --algo 192_7 --pers ZcashPoW --server --port 3890 --user s1Z4xQsFGRsjHfAUQhDWKX8e8jBo4Nw7JAu.rigname --pass x

lolminer: Nvidia and AMD

lolMiner.exe --pool --port 3890 --user s1Z4xQsFGRsjHfAUQhDWKX8e8jBo4Nw7JAu.rigname --pass x --coin ZEC

miniZ: Nvidia only

miniZ.exe --url --pass x --algo 192_7 --pers ZcashPoW --log --extra --gpu-line

*Additional commands: To set a minimum payout use -pass mp=X, where X is your desired minimum payout. To set a starting stratum difficulty use -pass d=X, where X is minimum difficulty. To combine both, simply add a comma with no spaces like this -pass mp=X,d=Y

  • zelcashZelCash (ZEL) $ 0.044800 4.45%
  • snowgemSnowGem (XSG) $ 0.056290 0.94%
  • ycashYcash (YEC) $ 0.141085 0.74%
  • bitcoinzBitcoinZ (BTCZ) $ 0.000101 0.28%
  • bitcoin-privateBitcoin Private (BTCP) $ 0.113793 0.74%
  • hushHush (HUSH) $ 0.050893 12.87%
  • bithereumBithereum (BTH) $ 0.003730 0%