ZelCore Integrates Full Support for Binance DEX, Chain & CEX — BUIDL

ZelCore Integrates Full Support for Binance DEX, Chain & CEX — BUIDL

September 6, 2019 by admin
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Working with Binance, the ZelCore Platform has complete coverage of all major Binance exchange services natively integrated into a single application

Download ZelCore Today — https://zelcore.io/#download

Binance DEX & Chain asset management will be Free To Use for all ZelCore Users

ZelCash powers the ZelCore Platform

ZelCore allows users to trade on Binance DEX & CEX

DEX & Chain are natively supported, CEX access via API

ZelCore supports 150+ assets, providing secure custody management and trading tools

ZelCore native support for Binance DEX markets. Trade using your own addresses secured in ZelCore

ZelCore + Binance Services

The Zel Team has been working quietly with the Binance Team to fully integrate the upcoming Binance DEX and Binance Chain into the ZelCore Platform. ZelCore users will be able to hodl their Binance Chain assets securely and exchange any supported market pair directly on the Binance DEX. The upcoming DEX is a natural step forward as crypto trading evolves to a more decentralized mechanism, allowing traders to maintain full custody of their digital assets up to the point of the actual asset exchange. Binance has built their BDEX from the ground up to incorporate decentralized exchange services with their already ubiquitous centralized exchange and brand, furthering their position as one of the top crypto exchanges.

Binance DEX & Chain will be free-to-use by all ZelCore Users

See ZelCore & Binance DEX/Chain in action — YouTube:

Binance DEX fully integrated into the ZelCore Platform

The Binance centralized exchange and orderbooks will be accessible through ZelCore Premium, along with Kraken, Gemini, and Bittrex full API access. With secure asset management and direct access to many orderbooks, ZelCore users will now have all the trading options they deserve, in a single convenient, easy-to-use application.

The Zel Project

ZelCore is powered by its native cryptocurrency, ZelCash. Utilizing the Binance DEX and Chain is completely free-to-use by anyone directly in ZelCore. Assets and access is secured via a user-selected username and password, which in turn is double hashed with salts to derive a user’s private keys. Always use unique, long, and strong combinations for your username and password, and securely back them up on pen and paper like you would a standard 12-word mnemonic pass phrase.

ZelCash has applied to be listed on Binance and are currently working on the process with the Binance Team.

Access to the Binance centralized exchange and orderbooks, along with Kraken, Gemini, and Bittrex exchanges, will be available in ZelCore Premium, a subscription-based service providing full trading access to these exchanges, along with many other features. Please see the Medium article for more ZelCore Premium details.

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