SnowGem just started the Ambassador program

SnowGem just started the Ambassador program

October 17, 2019 by admin
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SnowGem Ambassador Program

Who are Ambassadors?
A SnowGem Ambassador is a selected and
trusted member of the SnowGem Core Team
and SnowGem Foundation with such privileges
and education.


How can I enter Ambassador Program?
It’s pretty simple, you just need to fill out the
attached form and send it to our email address, and somebody from Core
Team will review it and contact you.


What are the requirements?
An Ambassador needs to be very active in his
mission, loyal, trustworthy and reliable. It’s not
needed to be an IT specialist. This job is for all serious people that believe in our mission of cryptocurrency adoption.


Can anybody join this program?
No. The Ambassador Program is private and the
SnowGem Team will select the correct people for this
position. We are primarily searching for people to
manage whole countries so with this in mind positions
will be limited.


What should I do?
An Ambassador will be required to do the
following :
— Educate new, future and recurring investors
in cryptocurrency, particularly SnowGem.
— Support
– New masternode holders
– Deposit/withdrawal issues
– Local ATM´s
– Local merchants and ecommerce providers
— Direct Selling
— Direct selling of masternodes via ATM´s
— Direct selling of masternodes via SnowEx
— Direct selling of SnowGem products (Black
Box, POS…)
— Public meetings, events
— Local marketing


Will I receive something?
All Ambassadors will have full support of SnowGem
Core Team and SnowGem Foundation including:
— Commission from every successful transaction
— Merchandise support
— Education support
— Events and Public meetups support
— Marketing support
— Reseller kits and spare parts (BlackBox)
— ATM´s in case of bigger cities
— IP privileges (free team meetups, events)
— Signatures from Management Team 🙂


Is there some minimum limits?
No. There are no minimum limits, but we will check
our Ambassadors every 3 months and if there will be
no activity or communication, you will lose your
position to free it up for somebody else.


Is there some contract needed?
Yes. Every Ambassador will need to sign a contract of
collaboration and reselling




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