HUSH: blockchain technology where messenger and payments go hand in hand with privacy

HUSH: blockchain technology where messenger and payments go hand in hand with privacy

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September 18, 2019 by admin
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Welcome to this space where we talk about each technology blockchain project where we touch on the topic of cryptocurrency that are giving that talk that are having a boom and deserve a great article where many more people can get to each information of the project because we can encompass all the specific points and so more and more investors and miners come to these projects today we will talk about something that has made a lot of impression on me because it is a project with cases of very amazing uses that in addition to it has taken a very focused development and every day seeks to improve for their entire community. HUSH is a cryptocurrency that has a very curious and innovative name.

This project focuses mainly on privacy and a messenger system where you can also make transactions where you can talk freely and transfer from hand to hand what has to be a case of very striking use but this will be discussed in the development of this publication come with me and know more about this great project.


Let’s start talking about this project from the beginning and how it has changed since it has made many changes that the truth is very good. This project in its beginnings started with a bifurcation of the source code from the Zcash 1.0.8 code base. Hush was originally called “Zdash” and extracted a genesis block on November 17, 2016. The latest version of Hush migrates to a new base code based on Komodo and Zcash 2.0.x with a new genesis block extracted on April 14 2019, this change made a big step for the project but let’s talk about why komodo?


The Komodo Platform is driven by Komodo currencies, a cryptographic token that allows users to protect their identity with zero knowledge tests, a technology developed for the first time by the Zcash project. To protect privacy and ensure that double spending or hacking takes place in the Komodo blockchain, an authentication process known as Delay Work Test has been created. This mechanism is based on special nodes that publish the history of the Komodo blockchain in Bitcoin in order to authenticate it. Once these two important tools are in place (Privacy and Security), special features that were not possible before can be implemented. during the development of HUSH v3, over the course of a few weeks, about 20,000 lines of code were changed in the upstream Komodo repo, adding many features and various bugs.We expect to see the development velocity of the HUSH community greatly increase since we will now essentially have jl777 constantly doing low-level blockchain internals coding, which frees up other developer resources to work on wallets, explorers, HushList protocol and applications which sit on top of the RPC interface.


but every miner should know that he presents this Delayed Proof-Of-Work project which means that HUSH will continue to have the Delayed Work Test as protection against 51% attacks and double-spending attack prevention. No other technology is production-proven like [DPoW]. The first DPoW transaction occurred on April 14, 2019, 10:38:10 PM ET on HUSH’s new main network:

The current implementation of DPoW in Hush v2 was tested in a test attack. A large amount of hashrate was rented in NiceHash, and a 51% attack was attempted, which would reorganize a notarized block. The attack repeatedly. He failed and wasted a large amount of BTC from the simulated attacker. HUSH v3 will migrate to Komodo’s central DPoW implementation, rather than relying on the implementation that moved from Komodo to the Hush v2 code base. This further increases HUSH development. This further increases the development of HUSH. It speeds up and reduces our maintenance load to merge the code upstream. So as we can see in everything explained KOMODO has been the best option and that in the short course of change we have been able to see many improvements which have brought the project much more boom to the community which we take to see how our development will be in the short and long term so as we know we speak more deeply about what HUSH offers and what have been other changes that have been in the project as we said, in the beginning, we have re-structured many things for optimal benefit and success.


benefits and advantages it offers



  • Our project is open source which is very accepted worldwide because when it comes to a blockchain project and if you integrate the open source option is very accepted by the community because you can review the code yourself and propose some kind of correction that can improve and thus demonstrate a good system of what is colloquially called governance where we can demonstrate that we are a project that our community is the most important and is the main point of growth of any project.
  • Since the inception of many technology projects blockchain anonymity is something that still matters to many people and has been forgotten for trying to have no transparency but has been shown to cause a little annoyance because anyone can see your transactions which can put at risk the integrity and safety of each person so in HUSH we focus on all your payments and transactions remain anonymous in this way we join that large percentage of people who prefer anonymity.
  • One of the great advantages that we can find in this project is that it is fully decentralized because it uses the P2P protocol which makes this project more attractive because everything is done directly without any intermediary which also gives a little more security to the project.
  • Entering already in our case of use of the project let’s begin to speak briefly about two amazing things that in the development of this publication were spoken of precise form but what considers a great advantage and benefit of our is that we have private messaging thanks to Hush Messenger and HushList what private systems of communication that nowadays we need since all type of common means of communication can be vulnerable to many problems but this is solved thanks to our technology zkSNARKS what gives us a security and performance that besides being a marvel improve the blockchain.


Always one of our main cases of use and that has given much to talk about to the community other projects that have been amazed at this because it is something very amazing what has been done because it is based on being all in one but why do we say this? is a messenger platform, wallet and mining platform which generates great attention among our community, imagine having a messenger where you have groups of many people or direct contact with other users and be able to chat normally but in our blockchain and that the core zkSnarks, HushNG gives us faster thanks to this protocol that we ensure that is faster than any other current messaging system in addition that you can communicate you can have the possibility of private or public addresses on all platforms. But only this will have multiple benefits because we can have a mining platform and wallet which will be amazing and imagine that you can chat, mine and receive everything in one place! WHAT INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING! All this is only possible thanks to HUSH. All this will be available soon as it is in development and every day is adding new arrangements to provide an optimal and effective product.





In addition to our great platform that is being developed messenger, we have in our plan to add to more cases of uses the possibility of having what we call HUSLIST adding more support that HUSH seeks privacy is a strong approach we decided to create private messenger for pseudonymous and anonymous communications. In which it was decided to take this basis of being private because if the messages transmitted are encrypted provide greater security to any company or user who uses it providing greater protection to these and that is where much of the hackers take information from each person or company to be able to defraud and that is why we focus on the use of the Zcash protocol is an implementation of the Zerocash decentralized anonymous payment scheme, with security and adjustments to terminology, functionality and performance. It closes the existing transparent payment scheme used by Bitcoin with a protected payment scheme secured by non-interactive and non-concise zero-knowledge (zk-SNARK) knowledge arguments. If you are wondering how this works? you can send a HushList from a taddr (pen name, pseudonym) or zaddr (anonymous protected address) that is implemented in the client through the z sendmanyRPC method. Up to 54 receivers can be in a single shielded transaction, which is an ascending ZEC limitation that exists in all ZEC bifurcations. After the transaction has entered the block string, parties that have valid private keys or display keys can download and view memos sent to a specific address.

Customers can probe the entire local node periodically at a predetermined interval specific to the user OR, by default, just like the average blocking time for the chain in question. For the Hush chain, this is 2.5 minutes. And if we talk about costs HushList sends the recipient a transaction for 0.0 HUSH (or ZEC, etc.) at the default network rate (currently 0.0001 for ZEC + HUSH). The fee is the amount MUST be accounted for by the user. In the reference implementation of HushList can be changed through the environment variable HUSHLIST FEE. In addition, each HushList has its own variable rate declared in the configuration for this list.




Adding more things to our integration to the large ecosystem of KOMODO we have for our community the project BARTERDEX integration which has been developed a decentralized exchange as our project is open source which brings more benefits to our community as it is our specific point to always benefit the community so HUSH has been one of the main currencies in this exchange but let’s talk about what this amazing exchange is about. To be decentralized exchange cryptocurrencies that supports many coins that use a technology called Atomic Swaps. Atomic exchanges allow buyers and sellers to perform peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges rather than through a centralized exchange. This is a breakthrough as we have seen how many decentralized exchanges have been quite successful and HUSH is within this is possible.


Hush Dashboard



For HUSH the importance of doing everything that is proposed and announced is important because many projects promise to do many things that are then forgotten so it was decided to create a dashboard where you can see any update or development of what has been decided to do or name so that our entire community can see that we are a project that we are transparent and also that we are an open source project any developer can enter each repository and see the structure if you want to suggest a change or arrangement. We are a project that achieves everything that is proposed and we have our community present at every moment.







Let’s talk about currency


HUSH is part of the best cryptocurrencies capitalization page which is CoinMarketCap and this page takes very seriously the project listings in its platform because it is vital to have a currency that is really good and after passing the tests on behalf of the Cryptocurrencies team. CoinMarketCap we have been listed and not only that we have a very good position which is 1389 with a current market cap of 52 BTC something that characterizes our project is that we have an equal max supply of bitcoin which will extend our project to many years and we will have continuous development. If we talk about price graphs we can see that we have been a totally stable currency that has had two big increases and despite this, we remain stable, we are proof that we are a project that deserves to be seen by large investors.


Core Team



Duke has commit bits to dozens of free and open source projects and has been involved in the Free+Open Source community for 20+ years. You will see his name in Firefox about:credits for helping their Javascript engine use less memory as well as on the “Nature” publication for the Tomato Genome, as part of his work with BioPerl. He also helped design the backend of OpenTreeOfLife, where scientists around the world can study how all living things are related in an open and accessible way. Duke writes code that improves the world and optimizes for increasing Freedom for average folks.



Berg is a young professional whose expertise is in financial planning and analysis, as well as organizational leadership. He currently works as a financial analyst for a Forbes top 10 private company and co-owns and operates a real estate investment and management firm. Through his years of entrepreneurship, he has learned much about market penetration, marketing strategies, and managing business relationships, which he hopes to expand upon through his role on the team.


FireMartZ has a strong background in business management and more than 15 years of experience in scientific software engineering and development in areas such as augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive rendering and image processing. He loves to solve technical challenges to deliver in a timely fashion high quality products solving real problems and meeting users expectations. He decided to join Hush because he believes security and privacy should be the top priority in the decentralized world we are building today.

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