SnowGem Frequently Asked Questions

SnowGem Frequently Asked Questions

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SnowGem Frequently Asked Questions


mxsg – what is it?

1 mXSG = 0.001 XSG or 1 XSG = 1000 mXSG

5% creators award ?! What is this and why?

The SnowGem cryptocurrency team did not conduct an ICO or premine, respectively, this award is necessary for the implementation of the plans announced in the roadmap, for listing on exchanges, information sites, and for marketing campaigns.

How is SnowGem different from other cryptocurrencies?

Which miner to use for mining SnowGem?

You can use SnowMine or any other miner with zhash 144_5 support, for example: EWBF Equihash miner v0.6, Bminer, lolminer.

You can download SnowMine on the official SnowGem website.

Where to download the SnowGem wallet?

All available wallets can be downloaded on the official website, in the “download” section. Windows users, if they want to use the “Simple wallet”, must install .NET 4.5 on their computer (the component must be preinstalled in the latest versions of Windows). You can download it from the link:

How to configure automatic backup wallet?

Simple Wallet: Settings -> Enable auto backup wallet.

Modern Wallet:


Wallet stuck at boot. What to do?

Just wait while the database loads. Download speed depends on your computer and Internet connection. As soon as the download is completed, the wallet will work.

What to do in case of a “Bad-txns-joinsplit-requirements-not-met” error?

Create a backup of your private keys, close the wallet, rename the Roaming / Snowgem folder to Roaming / Snowgem1 , launch the wallet, after loading – import your private keys and wait for synchronization. More details can be found here:

What to do in case of a bad-txns-oversize error?

Usually this error occurs when trying to transfer funds from the wallet to which you mined, in connection with which, the funds came in small amounts, but a large number of transactions.

To solve the problem, try to accumulate funds in a new wallet, transferring small amounts, but gradually increasing the amount of transactions.


  1. There is one wallet X , which was mined + bought 10,000 XSG .
  2. Because for masternody need a new purse, to which the sum of 10,000 XSG should get a single transaction, wallet X is not suitable – it means creating a new: the Y .
  3. When you try to transfer 10,000 XSG from wallet X to wallet Y, you get the error: “ bad-txns-oversize ” .
  4. So translate from X to Y – 1,000 XSG . Happened? Repeat. Did not work out? Try a smaller amount until it starts to work out. If you start to get from 10 or 50 , you can try to increase the amount of each subsequent transaction.
  5. After all the coins are in wallet Y ( 10,001 XSG !), Create a new wallet K (simply because it is not Z !) And already transfer EXACTLY 10,000 XSG to it in one transaction!

How to reindex a wallet?

Run the following command: snowgemd -reindex

My transaction is not confirmed, stuck at zero, how to return coins?

Go to the transaction tab in SimpleWallet and click on the Rescan button.

My MAC wallet does not start?

Install all the dependencies on the computer by running the following commands:

brew tap discoteq / discoteq;
brew install flock brew install autoconf autogen automake gcc5 binutils protobuf coreutils wget

How to send new coins created by a masternode?

Go to the “send” tab, select the address of the sender, and for the recipient, indicate your private address to which the coins should be forwarded. Then press the Shield button.


How can I contact the team in special cases?

Technical questions: @Txid
Business suggestions: @snowman
For site / application
questions: @DaX All other questions: @ekze



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