ZelCash.What is zel?

ZelCash.What is zel?

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August 2, 2019 by admin

Why zel?

Why is Zel different?


Zel underpins every project, product and idea surrounding its namesake ecosystem. Zel is crucial as the transacting currency for all data processing on the ZelNodes Computational Network.

Community Involvement

Zel is a community-driven and supported POW-based cryptocurrency with fair distribution, powering the development of a robust and functional infrastructure. You can mine Zel and/or operate a ZelNode to support the network, and receive a portion of each block.


The zk-SNARKs protocol is a novel form of zero-knowledge cryptography that is intended to ensure complete, opt-in privacy on the Zel blockchain via z-addresses (Sapling) and private transactions.

ZelHash, EquihashR 125_4

Zel swapped the POW hashing algorithm from ZCash (200,9) Equihash to ZHash (144,5) Equihash and now our very own ZelHash, a custom POW hash algorithm to remain proactive in our ethos of ASIC-resistance.

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