Bithereum -Bitcoin and Etherium fusion

Bithereum -Bitcoin and Etherium fusion

March 5, 2018 by admin

Bithereum is a coin that benefits both chains and is the first hard spork of its kind. BTH is a coin that brings together the best aspects of all prior BTC forks, while also incentivizing everyone on the network. Bithereum addresses the pain points that are prevalent in past forks and has implemented a PoS-influenced incentive model called PoU, or Proof-of-Uptime.


BTH began mining through an Equihash <144,5> Proof of Work algorithm, a democratized mining structure that brings mining back to GPUs.
Full Node Rewards via PoU
Though full nodes are crucial to a network, there are no rewards in place for those running them, aside from increased security. In the Bithereum Network, everyone who runs a full node is rewarded with BTH through our rewards initiative, PoU.
Improved Consensus
Blockchain is built behind the idea of a consensus network and the divide within BTC has hindered this. PoU prioritizes consensus in the blockchain.
Segregated Witness
Increased block-size as an on-chain scaling approach, creating scalability for world wide usage and growth.
Lightning Network
Moves transactions off chain into channels which report back to the main chain. This process allows for a greater amount of data to be stored on each block, increasing transaction speed while lowering costs.
Replay Protection
A complete two-way replay protection mechanism is implemented to ensure that holders transact on the correct chain.


Bithereum’s answer to todays full node issues. PoU is a full node incentive initiative that allows users running a node to either earn rewards with no existing balance, or stake their holdings to earn additional BTH. Simply put, being a BTH node runner is like mining without the need for expensive hardware and high energy costs, while also still generating rewards. A network can never have too many nodes and Bithereum aims to boast one of the strongest full node networks in all of crypto.


The Bithereum Network rewards every participant in the network. The ultimate vision of the network is fully inclusive and incentivized: from miners, to full nodes, to holders, every member of the community has the ability to earn incentives and be an essential part of keeping the network alive and secure.


Bithereum has an amazing community and ecosystem that is full of wallets, nodes, pools, and exchanges that are widely available and consistently being added to.

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