Zel Network Upgrade — Kamiooka v3.2.0

Zel Network Upgrade — Kamiooka v3.2.0

September 5, 2019 by admin
kamiooka v3.2

Kamiooka introduces our POW algorithm swap (ZelHash), ZelNode payments/voting updates, Rebase to Zcash v.2.0.5–2, and more




Block Height: 372,500
Est. Date: July 2nd, 2019

Kamiooka Mandatory Network Upgrade

Zel’s upcoming major network upgrade includes a lot of improvements for Zel and ZelNodes that are discussed below. Please also see the README and Release Notes files.

Kamiooka Highlights

  • ZelHash ASIC-Resistant POW Algorithm — Modified Equihash 125_4, custom tweaks to stay resistant to FPGAs/ASICs development
    Miner software: lolMiner, Gminer, MiniZ

  • ZelNodes Payments/Voting update — optimized number of votes per tier, updated syncing in case previous syncing fails, verbose logging options

  • Zcash upstream to v2.0.5–2 — Zel continues to inherit the great work that Zcash implements in their project. See the Zcash changelog in the above Release Notes file

  • The algo swap to ZelHash will also disable NiceHash for renting hash power (for now). We’ll see how long ZelHash stays off the rental services.

  • The daemon can now be compiled for supported ARM architecture (run a standard p2p node (not ZelNode) on a SBC, like the rockpro64)


ZelNode VPS/Server Update

If you used the install script to set up your nodes, you can run the following commands to update your ZelNode:

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo systemctl stop zelcash

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

$ sudo reboot -n

If you set up your ZelNode manually, you can use the Manual Install Guide link below for updating to the current daemon version.

ZelNode Control Wallet Update

If you are using ZelCore with auto-update feature, you will also need to update your ZelNode so the two can communicate with each other.

If you use ZELmate (swing) wallet, update to the new version when you update your ZelNode to ensure they can communicate

Restart your ZelNode from the control wallet after updating


Github Repo: https://github.com/zelcash/zelcash

Manual Install Guides: https://zel.gitbook.io/zelcurrency/installing-zel-daemon

Pre-compiled binaries

Github: https://github.com/zelcash/zelcash/releases/

Windows: https://zelcore.io/kamiooka/Zel-Windows.zip

Linux: https://zelcore.io/kamiooka/Zel-Linux.tar.gz

MacOS: https://zelcore.io/kamiooka/Zel-macOS.tar.gz

ARM: https://zelcore.io/kamiooka/Zel-aarm.tar.gz

  • zelcashZelCash (ZEL) $ 0.044800 4.45%
  • snowgemSnowGem (XSG) $ 0.056290 0.94%
  • ycashYcash (YEC) $ 0.141085 0.74%
  • bitcoinzBitcoinZ (BTCZ) $ 0.000101 0.28%
  • bitcoin-privateBitcoin Private (BTCP) $ 0.113793 0.74%
  • hushHush (HUSH) $ 0.050893 12.87%
  • bithereumBithereum (BTH) $ 0.003730 0%