ZelCore+ Is Released

ZelCore+ Is Released

September 5, 2019 by admin
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The ZelCore+ advanced trading plans including major exchange API integration, portfolio tracker, news aggregation and more is available now

See bottom of page for videos of ZelCore+ in action


ZelCore+ Release

The Zel Team is very proud to announce that ZelCore+ is released and available now. We have worked many months to integrate advanced trading features, which are only available scattered across multiple websites and apps, directly into a single platform, ZelCore.

ZelCore+ features are completely new for ZelCore and are available via purchased plans that come in 1, 3, and 12 month packages. All the standard ZelCore features remain completely free-to-use, no current features are being locked down or removed from normal ZelCore.

Download now at https://zelcore.io/#download

ZelCore+ Plans (paid in equivalent crypto)
1-month | $9.99
3-month | $28.49 | 6 days free
12-month | $99.99 | 60 days free
5% discount if paid in ZEL

Payable in: ZEL, BTC, LTC, ZEC, RVN & KMD

To enable ZelCore+, navigate to the “Apps” windows, then “ZelCore+” button, select the plan you wish to purchase.

ZelCore+ Features

  • Major Exchanges API Integration (Binance, Kraken & Bittrex at launch, more exchanges to come). Trade directly on these exchanges right inside ZelCore+ using your custodial wallets, withdraw funds with 1–click to your ZelCore addresses, chart, view market depth, etc.
  • Portfolio Tracker — Enter in your buys and sells for any asset and track the values over time individually and total portfolio
  • News aggregation by asset directly in ZelCore. No need to switch between multiple apps while making trading decisions
  • 3 additional wallet addresses for each asset
  • Import private keys to ZelCore lite wallets
  • Larger memo/note fields on transactions

New features will be continually added in the future, including more exchange integrations

ZelCore+ In Action

Fully integrated exchange API with TradingView
Access to exchange custodial wallets and portfolio value tracker
Portfolio Tracker tracks manually-entered buys/sells
Advanced wallet pages with news, historical pricing, and trading info
Swap allows asset exchange quickly at market values
Import a previous address’s private key into your lite portfolio
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